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Photography for people and organisations.

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More Information?

How much does a shoot cost?
Private € 300, including 5 retouched images. Business € 400, including 3 retouched images. Outdoor € 800, including 3 retouched images. Prices excl. VAT You can find more information here.

Where do you take photos?
My studio is located in the 5th district in Vienna. I take pictures both inside and outside. I’m not afraid of bad weather, but sometimes you have more peace in the studio.

How long does a shoot take?
Good question. Somewhere between an hour and two. Being too fast doesn’t make sense. I like to shoot in as wide a range of clothes as possible.

What should I wear or take with me?
Basically, everything that you want to take with you and can carry. Tops, sweaters, jackets, costumes, bicycles, yoga mats, everything is fine! Your clothes and utensils can completely change a picture. It’s nice when we have a choice. Before the shoot we will discuss this in more detail.

I feel uncomfortable when photos are taken of me.
Many people have this problem. But hey, at least you don’t feel alone this way. Everything relaxed! You come over, we get to know each other, listen to music and have fun. The best photos are always created when you feel comfortable.

How many pictures do you take?
Not so many. I am a slow photographer. Usually between 150 and 200 images. After the shoot, I go through the photos and sort them. You will then be sent a selection.

Make-up, beards, hair?
Come with what you like to wear and just take your utensils with you! If you want to shave your beard during the shoot, bring your razor. It depends, we have time.

Do you do discounts?
Yes I do. For students, artists and everyone who doesn’t have it easy at the moment. Companies get discounts if they have multiple employees photographed. Just write me an email and we’ll talk about it.

Are you going to retouch or edit my photos?
I like natural and honest photos in which people are who they are. Sure, small things are retouched, but basically the photos stay as they are.

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